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COMESSA для заводов минеральных удобрений

Since the 1950s, COMESSA has specialized in the design, manufacturing, erection and commissioning of equipment for use in the fertilizer industry. The experience it has acquired in all the processes used worldwide enables COMESSA to meet the requirements of all fertilizer producers. COMESSA exports equipment for this industry all over the world.

In partnership with major engineering contractors and process licensors, COMESSA supplies usually detailed engineering, construction, technical assistance with erection, commissioning and after-sales service for equipment part of the granulation plant.

COMESSA designs and markets fertilizer equipment for the following operations:
Mixing, Pre-granulation, Granulation, Drying, Lump breaking, Cooling, Coating, Handling. 

Granulated fertilizers can be cooled either in a rotary tube or in a fluid bed. If needed, COMESSA can offer the air conditioning unit if it is necessary to desaturate the air in order to prevent the product absorbing any humidity.

In the field of fertilizers, COMESSA has experience in very large-capacity plants. We have manufactured rotary tube dryers up to 5 meters in diameter and 40 meters long, with capacity of up to 860 T/h.


DAP, MAP, NPK, NP, PK, TSP, Urea, Sulphur-coated urea, Ammonium nitrate, Calcium nitrate, Ammonium sulphate, Phosphates,...

Our references :

Engineering Contractors:
Jacobs Engineering, Jesa, Toyo Thai, Toyo Engineering Corporation, Kaltenbach, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Hitachi Zosen, Sweco, Technip, Lurgi, Snamprogetti, Uhde, Litwin, Dragados,...

End users:
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